JMadrid Online Training & Personal Development Portal

In combination with initial and periodic live workshops, each client receives a branded on-line portal for training and personal development, enabling leaders to continue to train wider teams and new employees, and participants to continue to develop their personal skills and goals based on the company vision.

The portal offers individual logins that track usage, provides access to a large and search-able library of licensed video, audio and text-based content, suggests related content based on individual preferences, allows for internal team communication and collaboration, and gives management the opportunity to upload their own new content and messages.

Our Employee Satisfaction and Personal Development Surveys are integrated into the platform and provide detailed individual and team-based analytics over time, identifying employee trends, and invaluable health checks for each department and overall workforce. What you want is a way to get ahead. Reaching your true potential takes hard work, discipline, and motivation.

JMadrid customized education programs offer you the knowledge, skills and accountability you need to reach your goals.

JMadrid Portal

JMadrid, one of today’s prominent thought leaders, believes in the power of high performance education, personal development, and accountability. Using our proprietary Pinnacle Process we hold you accountable and help you manifest miracles as you reach for true transformation in your life.