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On and off the field with the Seattle Sounders

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Jim Madrid

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Welcome to the, Advance Sports Technology Movement! You have now taken the first step in improving  your game, both on and off the field. Here is where Madrid provides information on the various programs he offers and how we can help you maximize your potential in the game and in life.  

Exclusive training by the Seattle Sounder’s mental toughness coach JIM MADRID.

The AST MOVEMENT is about our passion to live out the vision and life model we share with others; we choose to model that which we teach, to live authentically and by example. While we each individually practice the fundamentals that we share with clients, attending to our physical, mental and nutritional well-being, we also function as a collective unit. Our team works and communicates daily with one another as support and a source of strength and focus for our day so that we may then go out and share that same level of support with our clients. In fact, we have a saying around here, “It’s a Team Thing,” that serves as a reminder that we are here for each other; we are both inter- and intra-dependent on one another and are never alone in our struggles or our joys.




In a recent survey of 1,183 athletes aged eleven to eighteen, 35% reported they planned to stop playing in the next year. Additionally, nearly half of the surveyed parents of 418 athletes aged six to ten reported that their child was no longer interested in sports. A survey of 5,800 children who had recently stopped playing a sport showed the top five student reported reasons for not continuing as: “I lost interest” “I was not having fun” “It took too much time” “The coach was a poor teacher” “It was too much pressure”

Even the strongest, most skilled athletes perform poorly if they focus on the wrong things. If they don’t quickly let go of unfortunate circumstances, if they lack confidence, teamwork skills, or do not have the tools to deal with tough competition they will likely be unsuccessful; physical talent simply isn’t enough. Mental toughness is seeing oneself as competent to cope with life’s fundamental challenges on and off the playing field. It is, according to many experts, a profound and basic need.

Nearly twenty years ago sociologist Peter Donnelly called for the enactment of some form of child-labor law to protect the welfare of elite young athletes. He argued that given a situation wherein parents, agents, and administrators stand to make a large profit from the performance of a child athlete, the young athlete deserves some protection.

Youth Programs

  • Our programs combine time-tested wisdom with modern scientific studies to create a unique approach to learning. We blend education and entertainment to create an “edutaining” experience, making learning fun and more easily retained. ast facilitators carefully scaffold instruction to support the growth of each individual, encouraging them to achieve their full potential and develop self and collective efficacy. Our training encompasses life skills that participants WANT to learn and is presented with sensitivity to the validity of many learning styles.

Coaches, Parents & Teams:

  • Learn the fundamentals of advanced mental technology training, giving coaches, parents and players a psychological edge. Experience customized workshops addressing specific needs with age and division appropriate training. Learn from some of the world’s best coaches of coaches. These workshops are designed exclusively for elite soccer enthusiasts and are dedicated to furthering the sport and culture.
  • Benefits: self-belief // vision // motivation // acceptance // teamwork // resilience // composure // communication // focus // control // leadership
Improve performance on the field and off!

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